Blood Bank

Kumudini Blood Bank is a place for collecting, screening, typing, processing, and storing whole blood, packed red blood cells, fresh frozen plasma and platelet concentrate, gathered as a result of blood donation, preserved for patient use in this hospital and other hospitals on request. 

We are committed to keeping pace with the demands of providing 24-hour service by cutting-edge technology and the most secure blood transfusion policy, and we maintain quality in every stride. We provide blood and blood product by standard protocol in all aspects of blood screening, grouping, compatibility testing, component preparation, storage, and transportation. Temperature of preserved blood and blood component is strictly maintained in each step. We also provide blood and blood component to other hospitals in case of emergency. In Kumudini Blood Bank, most blood for transfusion is collected from family members and friends as a replacement donation system. Directed and Volunteer donors also donate blood, especially at times of need of rare blood group.