Mission, Vision & Values

Kumudini Hospital is determined to become a center of excellence for healthcare, medical research and development of highly skilled manpower. This is to ensure that specially the poor and needy have access to high quality medical services regardless of race, color, creed, abilities or gender, thus building the foundation for a strong and healthy nation.

To transform Kumudini Hospital into a state-of-the art hospital providing high quality healthcare especially to the poor and needy as well as make medical services affordable and accessible to all.


EXCELLENCE - Pursue Excellence in all we do 
CARING - Caring for all our stakeholders (Medical staff, Doctors, Nurses, Patients, Community, Environment etc.)
ACCESIBILITY – Ensure that services provided are accessible and easy to use for all.
INTEGRITY: Be transparent and accountable in both our words and our actions.
RESPECT:  Treat with respect all we come into contact with
FAIRNESS: Treat all stakeholders fairly without bias or discrimination