Kumudini Continues its Work Amidst the COVID-19 and Flooding at Mirzapur

Kumudini Complex, situated in Mirzapur, Tangail has been affected by the current floods as have 11 of the 15 unions of the Mirzapur upazila. The flood situation has been exacerbated further by unplanned construction in the areas surrounding the complex, resulting in poor drainage.

For the past 15 days or so flood waters have risen within the complex, submerging all the roads. Doctors, nurses and staff members are having to travel to work and back by boat. Despite the many challenges created by this situation, Kumudini Hospital has continued to serve patients within its catchment area. Much of the heavy equipment on the ground floor has been moved to the first floor. The Outpatient, In-patient, Emergency services, Operating Theatres, ICU’s, Delivery Rooms, and Diagnostic Centre etc. remain fully operational. Moreover, Kumudini Women’s Medical College, Bharateswari Homes and Kumudini Nursing School & College have been continuing online classes throughout this period.

The hospital has also been responding to the COVID-19 crisis, (since March 2020) by conducting village outreach programs in the surrounding unions, where its doctors, nurses, internee doctors and administrative staff have been visiting different unions for medical consultation and awareness building. The hospital has also initiated processes to ensure safety of its frontline staff who come into contact with patients. In addition, the Trust arranged for distribution of food relief to low income families in Mirzapur and Narayanganj, (where the Trust’s units are based).

In a statement, the hospital management said, “Kumudini Hospital remains operational in spite of the many challenges presented by the current COVID-19 and flood situation and continues to provide healthcare to all who come here. We are fully committed to fulfil our founder’s dream of creating an equal and inclusive society where high quality healthcare and education are accessible to all.”